Architectural renderings are the solution to a builder’s, developer’s or architect’s marketing problem! Through modern technology, 3D models of residential or commercial construction projects can be created digitally, creating photo-real images and animations of what those construction projects will look like before they are built.  Long gone are the days where architects had to create 3D models of buildings and gone are the days where a custom home builder needs to incur the cost of a model home to display.

Architectural Renderings for Marketing

3D architectural renderings are an affordable way to market building plans.  Perfect for brochures, websites, lot signs, billboards, print advertisements, and even the back of a business card, the marketing uses for renderings are endless.  As an architect, or drafter, you work hard on your designs, and while you can visualize the design before its built, often the client cannot.  Renderings increase your client’s confidence in what they are having built. It can even mean the difference between that client choosing you or someone else.

Architectural Renderings for Decision Making

Architectural renderings are a powerful tool in the pre-construction phase. Different building options and material selections can be tested and tried virtually, saving thousands of dollars in comparison with changing plans in the construction phase. By testing out finishes and design options in the pre-construction phase with a virtual model your client can feel confident in their building decisions. Again, offering clients the option of seeing their specific project as it will look finished will give them confidence that you can deliver their project on time and on budget.

Architectural Renderings for Permitting

Government or HOA approvals can often cause costly delays. Architectural renderings are again a helpful solution.  Assuring your project will match the aesthetics of an existing neighborhood, historical district or other requirement can be achieved easily by providing renderings.  Whether building a new structure from the ground up or renovating an existing building, renderings help decision makers issue permits and permissions faster, saving you time and money.

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