Kemp 3D specializes in photo-real architectural renderings.  Our goal is to create stunning visualizations that make marketing easy, get government approvals, and save money by minimizing changes during the construction phase.  There are a number of ways to meet this goal, and that is where Kemp 3D’s 4 rendering options come in.  Below are 4 examples of the same home with each of our photo-real rendering options.

2D Architectural Rendering without Landscaping

Our entry level architectural rendering is a 2D rendering without landscaping.  This is a great choice for helping clients decide paint colors, exterior materials, and get a general feel for how the building will look.

Compare rendering styles 2D archtitectural rendering on white background is great for comparing materials

2D Architectural Rendering with Landscaping

The next step is to take the 2D rendering and add landscaping.  These budget-conscious renderings make great marketing materials for both print advertising and on your website or social media.  Landscaping frames the rendering well and will really allow your client to visualize the project.

Compare rendering styles 2D archtitectural rendering with landscaping

3D Architectural Rendering without Landscaping

3D renderings add a level of realism not possible with 2D renderings.  Our 3D renderings without landscaping are perfect for clients who need to visualize multiple angles of a building before it is built or to make decisions regarding design features and construction materials.  This is our most popular option for clients who want front, side and rear elevations of a single building.

Compare rendering styles 3D architectural rendering without landscape

3D Architectural Rendering with Landscaping

Lastly, our 3D renderings with landscaping are the ultimate solution for giving clients the ability to visualize their projects.  These renderings are simply stunning, and are the perfect solution for print, web and social media marketing, getting approvals reducing change orders in the construction phase and more!  A 3D rendering with landscaping can replace the need for model homes, and can continue to be used for marketing long after the project is already built!

Compare rendering styles 3D with landscape. Residential Exterior

No matter what rendering type you pick, you’ll be ahead of the game.  Call Kemp 3D today to discuss your project with us.  We pride ourselves on creating stunning architectural renderings and providing amazing customer service.  We can’t wait to get started on your project!