It doesn’t happen very often, but occasionally the renderings we provide are not of new construction.  The vast majority of the time, our renderings are used by builders who want to demonstrate the features of their models to potential customers, by people having a new home built who are having a hard time picturing their new home from construction plans, or as a way to help receive permits and government approvals.

While these are all great reasons to have Kemp 3D provide a rendering, sometimes a unique opportunity arrives and we get to work on something a little different.  We received a call from our friend Christine who wanted to celebrate the centennial of her family farm house in Missouri.  Though she now lives in Florida, this farm house occupies a special place in Christine’s heart and she visits the house as often as she can.  Christine wanted a watercolor rendering, so we started to tackle the project.

This was no easy task. Normally we take digital CAD files as the base for our model.  These are easily imported into 3D Studio Max where we create our 3D images.  Unfortunately we didn’t have plans of any kind, so old photographs would have to suffice.  Christine wanted to show the house as it looked after construction, so that meant black and white photos! Despite the difficulty, we created the model and using a newer color photograph, matched the colors, and ultimately provided a 3D digital watercolor of the house.

In addition, Kemp 3D commissioned two watercolor artists to create paintings of the house.  All three watercolors turned out great and Christine was thrilled.  We are so happy we could be part of helping Christine and her family celebrate their history, and hope the next 100 years are just as good!

If you have a special building project, or want to celebrate the anniversary of an existing building, give us a call.  Whether you need a photo-real or watercolor rendering, Kemp 3D will exceed your expectations.